Is Walmart really LGBTQ friendly?

Walmart has a poor position on LGBTQ rights despite having good benefits for its employees because it has donated millions of dollars to politicians who are actively against LGBTQ rights. These donations have included campaigns that aimed to restrict marriage equality, limit access to healthcare and public services, and increase discrimination against transgender people. The company's philanthropic arm has also donated to organizations that oppose LGBTQ rights, such as the Family Research Council, which has been classified as an anti-LGBTQ hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.


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Detailed information

Does Walmart offer LGBTQ friendly benefits to its employees?

Walmart has strong and inclusive benefits offering for US Employees.
Health Insurance and other benefits are equivalent when it comes to their coverage of spouses or domestic partners for different-sex and same-sex couples.
At Walmart Transgender individuals are offered equal health coverage, including medically necessary care.

Equivalency in same- and different-sex spousal medical and soft benefits


Equivalency in same- and different-sex domestic partner medical and soft benefits


Equal health coverage for transgender individuals without exclusion for medically necessary care


Does Walmart have an LGBTQ inclusive culture?

Walmart has shown sustained commitment to diversity through several initiatives like training for new hires and employees, executives performance tied to diversity goals, and policies that support an inclusive culture around gender identity and self expression.
Walmart has employee groups and/or diversity councils within the company to support LGBTQ employees, and has several programs around hiring, supplier selection, marketing, and philanthropy to support LBBTQ individuals, causes, and organizations.

Employee group –or– Diversity council


LGBTQ Corporate Social Responsibility


Three Distinct Efforts of Outreach or Engagement to Broader LGBTQ Community


Three LGBTQ Internal Training and Education Best Practices


Does Walmart have inclusive workforce protections?

Walmart has inclusive workforce protections, with policies that include both sexual orientation and gender identity & expression for all operations

Policy includes sexual orientation for all operations


Policy includes gender identity or expression for all operations


Latest news

Major corporations quietly funnel millions to national group behind regressive state laws

Republican state legislators across the country have embraced an aggressively regressive agenda, targeting the LGBTQ community, abortion access, voting rights, and candid discussions of race in classrooms.

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Arkansas passes hate-filled bill allowing doctors to refuse treatment to LGBT+ people

Arkansas has passed a hate-filled, anti-LGBT+ healthcare bill that would allow doctors and EMTs to refuse to treat patients if they’re trans or because of their sexuality. It is now on the desk of Arkansas‘ governor, waiting to be signed into law.

by Pink News

Walmart Unveils LGBTQ+ Health Care Platform

Move part of retailer’s diversity effort

by Progressive Grocer

Companies have been quick to support Pride this month. But their PAC spending tells a different story.

While many companies have released public statements in support of Pride Month, their corporate PAC giving tells a different story.

by Open Secrets

Walmart, McDonald's, and Amazon are among companies celebrating Pride after donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to politicians who voted against the Equality Act

It is increasingly difficult for companies to say they support a cause while donating to politicians who vote for laws indicating the opposite.

by Business Insider

Food & Consumables Industry Advancing LBGTQ Inclusion

Many companies in sector receive top score on Corporate Equality Index

by Progressive Grocer

See report on Human Rights Campaign on Walmart

Walmart has earned top marks in Human Rights Campaign's 2021 Corporate Equality Index

by Human Rights Campaign

Better Alternatives


Costco has achieved only a 60/100 on the 2021 Corporate Equality Index, a score which is significantly lower than many of its peers. While Costco provides sufficient workforce protections for LGBTQ employees, the company falls behind on both inclusive benefits, and corporate social responsibility. In 2022, Costco Wholesale Corporation continued to demonstrate its commitment to LGBTQ rights with a number of initiatives, including speaking out against anti-LGBTQ legislation, supporting Pride month, and introducing a new, comprehensive LGBTQ-inclusive nondiscrimination policy. Additionally, the company announced its support for the Equality Act, a bill that seeks to protect LGBTQ individuals from discrimination in housing, public accommodations, and other areas of life. Furthermore, it launched an LGBTQ Supplier Diversity Program, which works to increase diversity and inclusion among its suppliers, and announced plans to create a dedicated LGBTQ Employee Resource Group. These initiatives demonstrate Costco’s dedication to creating an inclusive workplace and supporting the LGBTQ community.


Target has a policy of nondiscrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. The company offers health benefits to domestic partners of employees, including transgender employees. Target also participates in public events and organizations that support LGBTQ rights, and donates to politicians who support or don't support LGBTQ rights legislation.

Sam's Club



Kroger has a moderate to conservative stance on LGBTQ rights. The company offers its employees benefits that cover domestic partners, including both same-sex and opposite-sex couples. Kroger also participates in and donates to public events and organizations that support LGBTQ rights, as well as donating to politicians who support LGBTQ rights legislation.


Amazon has achieved a perfect score in the last Corporate Equality Index by HRC thanks to its own policies and benefits promoting inclusion of their LGBTQ+ employees. The company has also spoken publicly on multiple occasions in support of legislation protecting LGBTQ individuals. However, over the last 3 years alone, Amazon has donated almost half a million dollars supporting the campaigns of anti-gay politicians at the federal and state level across the whole country.


Publix does not have an official policy on LGBTQ rights, but the company has been vocal in its support for employees who are part of the LGBTQ community. Publix offers domestic partner benefits to employees in same-sex relationships and donates to public events and organizations that support LGBTQ rights. The company also donates to politicians who support or don't support LGBTQ rights legislation, but has not taken a public position on any specific piece of legislation.


Instacart does not have an explicit policy on LGBTQ rights, but the company is supportive of its employees who identify as LGBTQ. All employees are offered benefits such as healthcare and 401k plans, and Instacart has participated in public events and organizations that support LGBTQ rights, such as the San Francisco Pride parade. The company has also donated to politicians who support LGBTQ rights legislation, such as Kamala Harris.

Amazon Fresh



IKEA has earned top marks in Human Rights Campaign's 2021 Corporate Equality Index. On top of treating all employees fairly, IKEA has been promoting inclusion with its customers and the general public for years, through several initiatives, campaigns, and advertisements across the world. IKEA's commitment to LGBTQ+ inclusion goes above and beyond what we have seen from many companies, which is why we have granted this company extra points. In 2022, the company announced plans to launch a new partnership with Human Rights Campaign (HRC) to promote LGBTQ inclusion and support related initiatives. This includes training and education for Ikea employees, providing resources and support for LGBTQ customers, and working to ensure that all employees and customers are treated with respect and dignity. In addition, Ikea is making political contributions to support LGBTQ rights initiatives, including lobbying efforts and fundraising. These efforts demonstrate Ikea's commitment to creating a safe and inclusive environment for everyone.

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