Is Murphy USA really LGBTQ friendly?

Murphy USA does not have a specific policy on LGBTQ rights, but the company is generally supportive of its employees who identify as LGBTQ. For example, Murphy USA offers same-sex benefits to its employees and has participated in public events and organizations that support LGBTQ rights, such as the Human Rights Campaign's Corporate Equality Index. The company has also donated to politicians who support LGBTQ rights legislation, such as Hillary Clinton.


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Does Murphy USA have an LGBTQ inclusive culture?

Murphy USA has not shown commitment to diversity. Initiatives like training for new hires and employees, executives performance tied to diversity goals, and policies that support an inclusive culture around gender identity and self expression have not been implemented at this company.
Murphy USA does not have employee groups and/or diversity councils within the company to support LGBTQ employees, or other programs around hiring, supplier selection, marketing, and philanthropy to support LBBTQ individuals, causes, and organizations.

Does Murphy USA offer LGBTQ friendly benefits to its employees?

Murphy USA does not provide inclusive benefits offering for US Employees.
Health Insurance and other benefits are not equivalent when it comes to their coverage of spouses or domestic partners for different-sex and same-sex couples.
At Murphy USA Transgender individuals are not offered equal health coverage, including medically necessary care.

Does Murphy USA have inclusive workforce protections?

Murphy USA has not implemented inclusive workforce protection. Policies that include both sexual orientation and gender identity & expression for all operations are not in place at this company

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