Is Minecraft LGBTQ friendly?

Minecraft is owned by Microsoft

Microsoft has achieved a perfect score in the last Corporate Equality Index by HRC thanks to its own policies and benefits promoting inclusion of their LGBTQ+ employees. Moreover, Microsoft is one of the major U.S. Companies that has been speaking out against anti-transgender legislation being introduced and debated in state legislatures.


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Major Companies Are Going All In for Pride Month While Also Supporting Anti-LGBTQ+ Legislators

As part of the project, Data for Progress released a detailed list of Fortune 500 companies’ donations to anti-LGBTQ+ politicians from 2019 to March 2022. The report found that Toyota, AT&T, and Comcast donated the most to anti-LGBTQ+ political campaigns, donating about $601k, $307k, and $121k, respectively. Other companies on the list include Amazon, Microsoft, State Farm, and Budweiser.

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In a newspaper ad, Google, Apple, and other tech corporations criticise a Texas anti-LGBTQ decree

65 businesses signed an ad in the Dallas Morning News on Friday urging Texas legislators to reverse recent legislation that target transgender children and their parents.

by Best Gaming Pro

Excellence in HR and culture: This Microsoft exec supports employees — at work and beyond

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Apple, Pfizer & The Best Companies For LGBTQ+ Equality

What are the best places to work for LGBTQ+ equality? These companies are combating prejudice and inspiring future LGBTQ+ leaders

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Xbox has a great range of Pride 2021 swag, but the controller isn't for sale

Xbox Pride 2021 includes new gear, free games, donations, and more

by GamesRadar

Human Rights Campaign Responds to Arkansas Legislature’s Override of Gov. Hutchinson’s Veto of Anti-Transgender Medical Care Ban

by Human Rights Campaign

Twitter, Atlassian among new signatories joining Hilton, Unilever, Dow, Apple, Microsoft, AT&T, American Airlines, others

Major U.S. Companies including Twitter, AT&T, PepsiCo and more are speaking out against anti-transgender legislation being introduced and debated in state legislatures.

by Freedom for all Americans

Game firms acknowledged by Human Rights Campaign for LGBTQ inclusivity

Microsoft, Sony, Apple, Activision Blizzard, and EA among those earning perfect scores in 2021 Corporate Equality Index

by Games Industry

See report on Human Rights Campaign on Microsoft

Microsoft achieves top score in the 2021 Corporate Accountability Index by HRC

by Human Rights Campaign

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