Is I LOHAS really LGBTQ friendly?

I LOHAS is owned by Coca-Cola

The Coca-Cola Company has earned top marks in Human Rights Campaign's 2021 Corporate Equality Index. However, while Coca-Cola has been promoting LGBTQ+ rights with its own employees, it has also been supporting several anti-LGBT politicians who have been promoting legislations that aim at restricting LGBTQ+ rights across many American states. Coca-Cola's overall LGBTQ+ rights score is reflective of both these factors.


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Does I LOHAS have inclusive workforce protections?

I LOHAS has inclusive workforce protections, with policies that include both sexual orientation and gender identity & expression for all operations

Policy includes gender identity or expression for all operations


Policy includes sexual orientation for all operations


Does I LOHAS offer LGBTQ friendly benefits to its employees?

I LOHAS has strong and inclusive benefits offering for US Employees.
Health Insurance and other benefits are equivalent when it comes to their coverage of spouses or domestic partners for different-sex and same-sex couples.
At I LOHAS Transgender individuals are offered equal health coverage, including medically necessary care.

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