Does HBO really support Voting Rights?

HBO is owned by AT&T

AT&T is a massive corporation that has a history of supporting voter suppression. While AT&T has been telling its customers, shareholders and employees they embrace voting rights, they have also donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to several politicians and PACs that have been promoting legislation to restrict access to voting across the entire country. AT&T was one of the many corporations that announced it decided to suspend contributions to members of Congress who voted to object to the certification of Electoral College votes this week back in January 2021. It was, however, one of the few corporations that broke their own pledge within just one month from making it. It is clear that AT&Ts public position is just a "damage control" operation to avoid and deflect public scrutiny, while the company continues pursuing its own economic interests with no actual regards or care for voting rights.


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Ron Johnson tried to subvert democracy. These corporations are backing his reelection.

Johnson attempted to participate in a plot to discard millions of voters in his home state of Wisconsin and neighboring Michigan, and install Trump for a second term. Despite Johnson's role in the effort to overturn the election, he is receiving financial support from major corporations — including corporations that condemned the events of January 6 and the efforts to install Trump for a second term.

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AT&T Was April’s Top Donor to Lawmakers Who Voted to Overturn Election

Dallas-based AT&T sits atop a list of corporate donors to U.S. senators and congressmembers who voted against certifying the election for Biden, according to a report released exclusively to Capital & Main by the Washington, D.C.-based corporate watchdog group Accountable.US.

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AT&T shareholders fight back

A shareholder resolution has been introduced calling on AT&T to "publish a report, at reasonable expense, analyzing the congruence of the Company’s political and electioneering expenditures during the preceding year against publicly stated company values and policies, listing and explaining any instances of incongruent expenditures, and stating whether the Company has made, or plans to make, changes in contributions or communications to candidates as a result of identified incongruencies."

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AT&T breaks pledge, directly donates to Republican objectors

The company recently donated tens of thousands of dollars directly to the campaigns of more than a dozen Republican objectors. The recipients of these funds include members who aggressively advanced Trump's lies about election fraud.

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Shareholder Proposals Challenge Companies on Support for Politicians Opposing Abortion Access, Progress on Climate, Voting Rights

Institutional investors, in coordination with Rhia Ventures, have filed 11 shareholder proposals for the 2022 proxy season that address the misalignment between the corporation's stated values and their support for politicians and political groups who undermine them. An additional four proposals focus on companies' preparedness for the workplace repercussions of the likely overturn of Roe v. Wade in 2022. Collectively, the investors own or manage $11.8 billion in assets.

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Big corporations that claim to support voting rights are still funding right-wing state AGs

Coke, GM, AT&T pay "lip service" to voting rights while funding GOP vote-suppression forces, says watchdog group

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AT&T abandons pledge, makes contributions supporting Republican objectors

After the January 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol, AT&T announced that it was suspending contributions to all 147 Republicans who tried to overturn the election results: Employees on our Federal PAC Board convened a call today and decided to suspend contributions to members of Congress who voted to object to the certification of Electoral College votes this week.

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The January 6 corporate accountability index

After a violent mob stormed the Capitol building in January, hundreds of corporations pledged to make changes to their political giving. Some corporations pledged to withhold PAC funding to the 147 Republicans who voted to overturn the election, setting the stage for the riot. Other corporations said they were suspending all PAC activity and others promised to reevaluate their giving criteria in light of the violence.

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These corporations just donated to a Republican group that helped create the January 6 mob

"The march to save America is tomorrow in Washington D.C… At 1:00 p.m., we will march to the Capitol building and call on Congress to stop the steal. We are hoping patriots like you will join us to continue to fight to protect the integrity of our elections."

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Major Companies Get ‘Fs’ on Voting Rights in New Scorecard

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How Massive Companies Sidestepped Their Vows To Uphold Democracy

The Largest Online News Show in the World

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Watchdog says AT&T gave over $100K to Abbott, GOP lawmakers after vowing to support voting rights

A left-leaning political watchdog group is calling on AT&T to hold firm in its commitment to support the expansion of voting rights after the company contributed thousands of dollars to Texas Republicans who oppose such measures.

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6 months after Capitol assault, corporate pledges fall flat

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These corporations broke the commitments they made after January 6

It's been nearly five months since the attack on the United States Capitol. But in many respects, nothing has changed. None of the 147 Republicans who voted to overturn the election on January 6 — fueling the lie that motivated the attack — have expressed contrition or remorse. Several have attempted to

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Toyota leads companies in election-objector donations

The Japanese automaker gave $55,000 to 37 GOP objectors this year.

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Despite pledge, Google's campaign cash flows to Republican objectors

On January 25, Google announced that "after the disturbing events at the Capitol," its corporate PAC "will not be making any contributions this cycle to any member of Congress who voted against certification of the election results." Nevertheless, since that announcement, corporate PAC money from Google has flowed to at least 14 Republican members of Congress who voted to overturn the election.

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