Is Disney+ really LGBTQ friendly?

Disney+ is owned by Disney

Disney+ has a long history of support for LGBTQ rights. The company offers benefits to employees that include domestic partner benefits and transgender-inclusive health care. Disney+ also participates in and donates to public events and organizations that support LGBTQ rights, and has donated to politicians who support or don't support LGBTQ rights legislation.


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After Banning Thor: Love And Thunder, Malaysia Threatens To Continue LGBTQ Censorship

Another day, another instance of draconian censorship practices limiting fundamental access to art.

by SlashFilm

Disney+ To Remove LGBTQ Content In Middle East To Comply With Local Censors

After going to war on behalf of the LGBTQ community with the state of Florida over the Parental Rights in Education bill, Disney is bending the knee to Middle Eastern bans on LGBTQ content on their streaming services.

by Bounding into Comics

Disney Among Studios to Sign Open Letter Supporting Passage of the Respect for Marriage Act

The Walt Disney Company's presence on the letter, organized by the Human Rights Campaign and addressed to U.S. senators, follows a tumultuous March for the company, which initially remained silent amid the passage of an anti-LGBTQ+ censorship bill through Florida's state Congress.

by Hollywood Reporter

Disney boosts LGBTQ support, debuts “Pride Collection”

by Los Angeles Times

Disney boosts LGBTQ support, debuts “Pride Collection”

by Los Angeles Times

Why Josh Hawley has introduced new anti-Disney legislation

Florida Republicans have already retaliated against Disney for expressing an opinion they didn’t like. Republicans in Congress are ready to follow suit.


Rubio Targets Citi, Amazon With Bill on Abortion-Travel Benefits

Senator Marco Rubio is sending a message to Amazon Inc., The Walt Disney Co., Citigroup Inc.and other U.S. companies that have vowed to pay travel costs for their employees to access abortion services or gender-affirming care for their children: Republicans want to make it more expensive.

by Bloomberg Tax

ExxonMobil Takes Different Tack From Walt Disney Co. On Corporate Policy, Banning Affinity Group Flags

ExxonMobil has said it will prohibit corporate offices from flying the LGBTQ pride flag outside of their offices. The move by Exxon comes in the wake of the stance taken by the Walt Disney Co. After initially staying out of a controversial situation involving the so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill in Florida, Disney reversed course and said it would work to repeal it.

by Yahoo News

As Fox News turns on Disney, advertisers supporting LGBTQ youth should be wary of partnering with the network

Like Disney, leading Fox News advertisers including General Motors, Kraft Heinz, and Pfizer oppose Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” law. Could the network turn on them next?

by Media Matters

Disney Employees Walk Out Amid Furor Over Florida Legislation

Hoping to avoid controversy, the company initially shied away from taking a public stance on the anti-L.G.B.T.Q. bill. Now, an internal outcry has stretched into its third week.

by New York Times

Businesses oppose Florida’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ ban on discussion of LGBTQ issues in public schools

The Florida measure rocketed to the forefront of national politics in recent months, drawing sharp criticism from the LGBTQ community, Hollywood, Democrats and the White House.


Gay kiss restored in Pixar film after employees blow the whistle on Disney censorship

In the middle of Disney’s implosion after the company was busted donating to the sponsors of Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill and subsequently refused to condemn the atrocious anti-LGBTQ legislation, Pixar employees joined the chorus of employees condemning the company.

by LGBTQ Nation

Gabrielle Union shades Disney over “Don’t Say Gay” bill while walking red carpet for new Disney film

She spelled it out for any corporate flacks who still didn't understand.

by LGBTQ Nation

Hollywood relies on LGBTQ audiences. In return, it’s failing us miserably

Rainbow logos and statements of support from entertainment companies have become a routine part of Pride celebrations each June. But corporations’ habitual reluctance to speak out against those harming the LGBTQ community when it matters most has shown time and again that we can’t count on them as allies.

by Los Angeles Times

Disney CEO apologizes to staff for stance on Florida LGBTQ bill

Walt Disney CEO Bob Chapek apologized to employees for not taking a tougher stance against Florida legislation that would ban schools from discussing sexual orientation and gender identity with younger kids.

by Fortune

Human Rights Campaign Refuses Disney Donation Until More Action Is Taken on “Don’t Say Gay” Bill

The organization noted that while Disney "took a regrettable stance by choosing to stay silent amid political attacks against LGBTQ+ families in Florida," CEO Bob Chapek's pledge was "the first step" in the right direction.

by Hollywood Reporter

Disney heir calls out company’s silence on anti-LGBT Florida bill

The Walt Disney Company has donated to each of the lawmakers behind Florida's "Don't say gay" bill.

by LGBTQ Nation

These companies celebrate LGBT+ people. They also back politicians behind a bill to ‘erase’ them from schools

Disney and major corporate donors gave thousands of dollars to Florida Republicans supporting so-called ‘Don’t Say Gay’ legislation, Alex Woodward reports

by Independent

Disneyland wouldn’t let same-sex couples dance together until a gay teen sued in the 80’s

A behemoth in the entertainment industry and the largest private employer in Orange County, Disneyland had never lost a legal battle in court. Until this one...

by LGBTQ Nation

25 brands that are giving back for Pride Month

Pride Month 2020 is unlike any other we've experienced before, but these 25 major brands are still making a difference in the LGBTQ community.

by USA Today

AMC, Viacom condemn Georgia's anti-LGBT bill

AMC and Viacom have joined Disney and Marvel in condemning Georgia’s HB 757, which would allow any person or faith-based organization (including nonprofits, charities, schools, universities, and hospitals) to cite their “religious beliefs” as justification to discriminate against others, including LGBT Georgians.

by Glaad

Another setback for the LGBTQ community: Anti-discrimination bills stall in the FL Legislature

Forty percent of Florida lawmakers in the House and Senate are sponsoring legislation to make it illegal for an employer to fire a worker because they are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. But as the 2020 Florida Legislature hits its halfway mark on Wednesday, prospects for the measure remain dim.

by Florida Phoenix

Human Rights Campaign report on Hulu

Disney has earned top marks in Human Rights Campaign's 2021 Corporate Equality Index

by Human Rights Campaign

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