Is AT&T really LGBTQ friendly?

AT&T is one of the leading companies in terms of LGBTQ rights. The company offers its employees domestic partner benefits, transgender-inclusive healthcare coverage, and numerous other benefits. AT&T also participates in and donates to various public events and organizations that support LGBTQ rights, and it donates to politicians who support such legislation.


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Does AT&T offer LGBTQ friendly benefits to its employees?

AT&T has strong and inclusive benefits offering for US Employees.
Health Insurance and other benefits are equivalent when it comes to their coverage of spouses or domestic partners for different-sex and same-sex couples.
At AT&T Transgender individuals are offered equal health coverage, including medically necessary care.

Equal health coverage for transgender individuals without exclusion for medically necessary care


Equivalency in same- and different-sex domestic partner medical and soft benefits


Equivalency in same- and different-sex spousal medical and soft benefits


Does AT&T have an LGBTQ inclusive culture?

AT&T has shown sustained commitment to diversity through several initiatives like training for new hires and employees, executives performance tied to diversity goals, and policies that support an inclusive culture around gender identity and self expression.
AT&T has employee groups and/or diversity councils within the company to support LGBTQ employees, and has several programs around hiring, supplier selection, marketing, and philanthropy to support LBBTQ individuals, causes, and organizations.

Employee group –or– Diversity council


Three LGBTQ Internal Training and Education Best Practices


LGBTQ Corporate Social Responsibility


Three Distinct Efforts of Outreach or Engagement to Broader LGBTQ Community


Does AT&T have inclusive workforce protections?

AT&T has inclusive workforce protections, with policies that include both sexual orientation and gender identity & expression for all operations

Policy includes sexual orientation for all operations


Policy includes gender identity or expression for all operations


Latest news

Major Companies Are Going All In for Pride Month While Also Supporting Anti-LGBTQ+ Legislators

As part of the project, Data for Progress released a detailed list of Fortune 500 companies’ donations to anti-LGBTQ+ politicians from 2019 to March 2022. The report found that Toyota, AT&T, and Comcast donated the most to anti-LGBTQ+ political campaigns, donating about $601k, $307k, and $121k, respectively. Other companies on the list include Amazon, Microsoft, State Farm, and Budweiser.

by Now This News

These companies publicly oppose anti-LGBTQ+ bills. Some also fund lawmakers who sponsor them.

Lawmakers in 6 states with a high number of anti-LGBTQ+ bills received hundreds of thousands from major companies in the 2020 and 2022 election cycles.

by The 19th

AT&T shareholders fight back

A shareholder resolution has been introduced calling on AT&T to "publish a report, at reasonable expense, analyzing the congruence of the Company’s political and electioneering expenditures during the preceding year against publicly stated company values and policies, listing and explaining any instances of incongruent expenditures, and stating whether the Company has made, or plans to make, changes in contributions or communications to candidates as a result of identified incongruencies."

by Popular Information

Texas abortion law critics are targeting these corporate donors and Texas-based companies

Corporate Accountability Action found that Dallas-based telecom company AT&T donated more than $645,000 over the past two years to nearly 22 lawmakers who sponsored the Texas abortion ban. Tesla CEO Elon Musk donated to three anti-abortion Republican lawmakers and four Democratic lawmakers who support abortion rights, giving each $2,800 Time Warner Cable/Charter Communications donated $523,661, and NBC Universal gave $88,000 to the primary sponsors of the Texas bill

by USA Today

AT&T is discovered as the wallet behind anti-LGBTQ cable network One American News

The communications giant unleashed one of the most destructive forces on cable today and has provided the contracts that keep it going...

by LGBTQ Nation

LGBTQ+ community reflects on rainbow capitalism a month after Pride celebrations

As the clock struck midnight, countless rainbow-themed storefronts, commercials and merchandise quickly faded away on July 1. Despite an entire month commemorating the struggles and pride of the LGBTQ+ community, discrimination and stereotyping continue at the hands of public officials and corporations. Many queer individuals are critical of corporations monetizing Pride month and queer aesthetics,...

by The Depaulia

Behind the rainbow: How AT&T really celebrated Pride Month

During June, AT&T plastered its social media accounts with rainbows, asserted that the company "recognizes, embraces, and stands with LGBTQ+ people," and emphasized its commitment to addressing the "mental health crisis among LGBTQ+ youth." Simultaneously, according to new campaign finance filings obtained by Popular Information, AT&T quietly sent thousands in corporate PAC contributions to anti-LGBTQ politicians in Alabama that are targeting trans youth.

by Popular Information

Companies Tout Gay Rights During Pride, Give to Anti-LGBT Politicians

Major corporations are being called out for “pinkwashing” as they promote pride month while supporting candidates who oppose LGBT equality

by RollingStone

These 25 rainbow flag-waving corporations donated more than $10 million to anti-gay politicians in the last two years

This month, corporations are plastering their social media avatars with rainbows, sponsoring Pride parades, and declaring their unwavering commitment to the LGBTQ community. Many of these companies, however, are spending millions supporting the campaigns of anti-gay politicians at the federal and state level.

by Popular Information

5 Large Corporations Called Out for Donating to Anti-Trans Politicians

by Advocate

Human Rights Campaign Responds to Arkansas Legislature’s Override of Gov. Hutchinson’s Veto of Anti-Transgender Medical Care Ban

by Human Rights Campaign

Twitter, Atlassian among new signatories joining Hilton, Unilever, Dow, Apple, Microsoft, AT&T, American Airlines, others

Major U.S. Companies including Twitter, AT&T, PepsiCo and more are speaking out against anti-transgender legislation being introduced and debated in state legislatures.

by Freedom for all Americans

See report on Human Rights Campaign on AT&T

AT&T has earned top marks in Human Rights Campaign's 2021 Corporate Equality Index

by Human Rights Campaign

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